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The most common shutter shape is a square or rectangle. But we offer many specialty shaped shutters to compliment your shutter products. Please call our office to inquire on the pricing!

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    The most typical shaped shutters is offered with one panel, double panels, 3 panels, 4 panels and 6 panels. Any of our shutters (except fan tops) can have a divider rail included or can have the hidden tilt bar split. We also offer a double hung and hidden tilt bar options.

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    We have 2 types of Arches. The more traditional look is a sunburst fan top arch. We also offer a newer style of arch top that has horizontal louvers similar to traditional shutters.

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    This type of shutter is characterized by a rectangular shaped bottom of the window with a completely arched top without any corners. A Rake top is a shutter with a diagonally angled top. Both are priced similarly.

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    This type of shutter is for eyebrow windows where the customer doesn't want the louver to go all the way to the top. It will have a solid board from the arch starts to the top of the window. The recommendation for a solid top eyebrow is (the break point of the top of the rise ) less than 5 ½ inches.

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    This type of shutter is growing in popularity in our business. An eyebrow shutter has louvers all the way to the top of the shutter and arch. Only the very top louver would be inoperable. The recommendation for an ID eyebrow is when the rise ( the break point to the top) is more than 5 ½ inches.

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    This type of shutter usually has a much smaller frame and only covers the glass of the door. Some doors will need a cut out to accommodate the door knob or handle. We provide a variety of door cut outs.

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    HIDDEN TILT BAR (Clearview option)

    Aside from conventional centered tilt bar, we also provide the hidden tilt bar option at a small additional cost.

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